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Table 2 Knowledge and expectations regarding the allergen immunotherapy tablet

From: Clinical management, expectations, and satisfaction of patients with moderate to severe allergic rhinoconjunctivitis treated with SQ-standardized grass-allergen tablet under routine clinical practice conditions in Spain

  n %
In your opinion, which is the aim of an allergen treatment? (n = 126)
Improve quality-of-life 83 65.9
Reduce the number of attacks 34 27.0
Prevent life-threatening events 5 4.0
Avoid the development of new allergies 4 3.2
What do you expect from your treatment with the allergen immunotherapy tablet? (n = 128)
Complete cure of the allergy 79 61.7
Some improvement of the symptoms 33 25.8
Avoid the development of new allergies 4 3.1
Prevent the onset of asthma symptoms 12 9.4
When do you think the allergen immunotherapy tablet will start to be effective? (n = 123)
In a few days or weeks 41 33.3
In a few months 66 53.7
In a few years 16 13.0
Do you think the treatment could be dangerous or cause adverse events? (n = 115)
The allergen immunotherapy tablet is safe 34 29.6
Sometimes 39 33.9
Rarely 42 36.5