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Clinical and Molecular Allergy: a new open access journal that addresses rapidly evolving information in the field of allergy and immunology

Clinical and Molecular Allergy is an Open Access, peer-reviewed online journal that addresses all clinical and molecular aspects of allergic disease.

The genomics revolution of the 21st century has led to enormous advances in our understanding of allergic and immunological disease. The use of transgenic and knock out methodologies, stem cell biology, gene cloning and sequencing, and high throughput technology has revolutionized medicine. Discovery of families of cytokines and chemokines, novel signaling mechanisms, and of new mediators and inflammatory pathways have led to pivotal insights into the basis of allergic and immunological diseases. This has led to the generation of new treatment strategies such as monoclonal antibodies, cytokine inhibitors, new immunomodulators and gene therapy.

At present, there is no journal dedicated specifically to both the clinical and molecular aspects of allergic diseases. In starting Clinical and Molecular Allergy, we hope to present timely reviews and mechanism-oriented reports that will open up new avenues for research and bring together research communities from across the globe. A strong emphasis will be placed on education and timely reviews of molecular diagnostic technology and molecular biotherapeutics, which will constitute an ever-increasing aspect of our existence in the future. Reviews of these areas will allow clinicians to learn and share their experiences and understanding of these advances.

Clinical and Molecular Allergy is Open Access meaning it is freely and universally accessible online, it is archived in at least one internationally recognized free access repository, and its authors retain copyright, allowing anyone to reproduce or disseminate articles, according to the BioMed Central copyright and licence agreement [1]. Clinical and Molecular Allergy's articles are archived in PubMed Central [2], the US National Library of Medicine's full-text repository of life science literature, and also in repositories at the University of Potsdam in Germany [3], at INIST in France [4] and in e-Depot [5], the National Library of the Netherlands' digital archive of all electronic publications. This will allow scientists and physicians from around the world to share in the exciting advances. Information will be disseminated around the world instantly with no cost for access. With the high cost of hard copy journals, a lot of libraries, clinics, and medical schools in many countries are struggling with limited resources to gain access to the new information. Our Open Access journal may in some small way narrow this information gap. It will also decrease the use and waste of paper and help preserve our environment.

The Journal has several aspects that will appeal to both researchers and clinicians. The Journal's contents include original articles of clinical studies and bench research, case reports, mini reviews, commentaries and guest editorials. Manuscripts that deal with the clinical and molecular basis of allergic disease will remain the major focus for this Journal. Case reports of clinical significance that provide some molecular insight into common or rare diseases will also be highly sought. We will publish novel and innovative articles related to both the clinical treatment of allergic and immunological disease and the molecular biology of inflammatory cells, cytokines, and other factors. Mini reviews, commentaries and editorials will be systematically and periodically solicited.

In the age of information technology, online journals provide novel ways of disseminating medical information. We are grateful to our publisher BioMed Central for providing us with the opportunity to create, develop and build Clinical and Molecular Allergy. The submission, peer review, and publication of manuscripts will be done by an efficient, online process. This method will shorten the time for publication of the peer reviewed information. Articles will be published online immediately upon acceptance and soon after listed in PubMed.

Clinical and Molecular Allergy is a new and Open Access publication. We hope that you will support us by submitting your manuscripts to the Journal. Information is available at the following URL: With your assistance, it will grow to become a distinguished journal in its field.

Guha Krishnaswamy, M.D., FACP., FCCP

David S. Chi, Ph.D., FAAM., FAMLI


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Krishnaswamy, G., Chi, D.S. Clinical and Molecular Allergy: a new open access journal that addresses rapidly evolving information in the field of allergy and immunology. Clin Mol Allergy 2, 1 (2004).

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