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Table 3 Explanation of the most important allergen components in the ISAC test

From: IgE sensitization in a cohort of adolescents in southern Sweden and its relation to allergic symptoms

Allergen component Source Type of allergen Allergen group
Ara h 8 Peanut PR-10 Food
Cor a 1 Hazelnut PR-10  
Gly m 4 Soybean PR-10  
Mal d 1 Apple PR-10  
Pru p 1 Peach PR-10  
Der f 1 Dermatophagoides farinae Cysteine protease House dust mite
Der f 2 Dermatophagoides farinae NPC2 family  
Der p 1 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Cysteine protease  
Der p 2 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus NPC2 family  
Can f 1 Dog Lipocalin Furry animals
Can f 2 Dog Lipocalin  
Can f 5 Dog Prostatic kallikrein  
Equ c 1 Horse Lipocalin  
Fel d 1 Cat Uteroglobin  
Fel d 4 Cat Lipocalin  
Mus m 1 Mouse Lipocalin  
Aln g 1 Alder PR-10 Grass/tree pollen
Bet v 1 Birch PR-10  
Cyn d 1 Bermuda grass Grass group 1  
Phl p 1 Timothy-grass Grass group 1  
Phl p 2 Timothy grass Grass group 2  
Phl p 4 Timothy grass Grass group 5  
Phl p 5 Timothy grass Grass group 4  
Phl p 6 Timothy grass Grass group 6  
Phl p 11 Timothy grass Grass group 11  
Pol d 5 Paper wasp Antigen 5 Venom
Ves v 5 Common wasp Antigen 5