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Table 1 Circadian rhythm of symptoms in immuno-allergic diseases and acute myocardial infarction as example.

From: Biological clocks: their relevance to immune-allergic diseases

Disease Peak time (h) Symptom Peak of cytokine/hormone
Asthma Early morning Bronchoconstriction IL5 07 a.m.
Allergic rhinitis Early morning Congestion, sneezing Cortisol 08–11 a.m.
Rheumatoid arthritis Early morning 05–08 a.m. Stiffness, pain TNF+ IL6 06–08 a.m.
Myocardial infarction Morning 09 a.m. Pain Epinephrine + NE 08–11 a.m.
  1. Time when symptoms are more usually presenting is indicated (peak time) and the time of the highest circadian blood level of cytokines and hormones regulated by biological clocks