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Table 1 Prevention of asthma

From: Preventive actions of allergen immunotherapy: the facts and the effects in search of evidence

Study No patients Allergen AIT AIT—years Follow-up
Grembiale et al. [26] 22 Adults House dust mites SCIT 2 NA
Niggemann et al. [27]
Jacobsen et al. [28]
117 Children Grass pollen
Birch pollen
SCIT 3 10 years
Di Rienzo et al. [29] 60 Children House dust mites SLIT 4–5 10 years
Marogna et al. [30] 216 Children NA SLIT 3 NA
Marogna et al. [31] 124 Children and adults House dust mites SCIT and SLIT 5 NA
Novembre et al. [32] 113 Children Grass pollen SLIT 3 NA
Valovirta et al. [33] 812 Children Grass pollen SLIT tablet 5 NA
  1. AIT allergen immunotherapy, SCIT subcutaneous immunotherapy, SLIT sublingual immunotherapy, NA Not available