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Table 1 Patient’s clinical features at first visit

From: Dose-dependence of protection from systemic reactions to venom immunotherapy by omalizumab

Age at first visit in our clinic 47 years old
Sex Female
Concomitant allergies None
Concomitant diseases None
Previous systemic reactions of grade IV Muller Yes
Number of previous attempts of VIT with HB venom withdrawn for repeated systemic reactions during build-up phase 3
Skin test Prick test HB venom: 20 mm
(hystamine: 10 mm)
Total IgE 51 kU/l
s-IgE HB 20.3 U/ml
s-IgE Api m 1 7.93 U/ml
s-IgE Api m 10* 0.00 U/ml
s-IgE CCD 0.00 U/ml
Basal tryptase 2.4 ng/ml
Mastocytosis in bone marrow (biopsy performed)** Absent
KIT mutation** Absent
  1. * performed in 2015; ** performed in 2016