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Table 2 The global antiphospholipid syndrome score (GAPSS)

From: Thrombotic risk assessment in antiphospholipid syndrome: the role of new antibody specificities and thrombin generation assay

  Factor Point valuea
aPLa Anticardiolipin IgG/IgM 5
  Anti-β2-glycoprotein IgG/IgM 4
  Lupus anticoagulant 4
  Anti-prothrombin/phosphatidylserine complex (aPS/PT) IgG/IgM 3
Cardiovascular risk factors Hyperlipidemiab 3
  Arterial hypertensionc 1
  1. Cardiovascular risk factors were assessed following National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines (Excellence NIfHaC. Lipid modification: cardiovascular risk assessment and the modification of blood lipids for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. 2010. URL: and Excellence NIfHaC. Hypertension. 2011. URL:
  2. aaPL positivity was assessed according to the updated APS classification criteria [5]
  3. bSerum total and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels were determined with standardized enzymatic methods and interpreted according to current cutoff values (total cholesterol of <5.0 mmol/l; <3.0 mmol/l for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) (British Cardiac Society, British Hypertension Society, Diabetes UK, HEART UK, Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, Stroke Association. JBS 2: Joint British Societies’ guidelines on prevention of cardiovascular disease in clinical practice. Heart 2005; Suppl 5:v1–52)
  4. cArterial hypertension was defined as appropriately sized high blood pressure cutoff (140/90 mm Hg or higher) at least in two occasions or use of oral antihypertensive medications