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Table 2 Diagnostic criteria for Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

From: The clinical implications of adult-onset henoch-schonelin purpura

The European League Against Rheumatism and Paediatric Rheumatology European Society criteria - 2006
Mandatory criterion: Palpable purpura with lower limb predominance
Plus at least one of the following criteria:
1. Diffuse abdominal pain
2. IgA deposition in any biopsy
3. Arthritis/arthralgia
4. Renal involvement (hematuria and/or proteinuria)
American College of Rheumatology criteria--1990
Two or more of the following criteria are needed
1. Age 20 years or less at disease onset
2. Palpable purpura
3. Acute abdominal pain with gastrointestinal bleeding
4. Biopsy showing granulocytes in the walls of small arterioles or venules in superficial layers of skin