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Table 4 Evolution of AD in 176 children: retrospective analysis aimed at identifying the associated risk factors linked to the appearance of RC and asthma, made through the evaluation of the odds correct ratio (OR) of models of logistic regression applied to the data.

From: Does improvement management of atopic dermatitis influence the appearance of respiratory allergic diseases? A follow-up study

Dependent variables Covariate OR OR LCL 95% OR UCL 95% P
RC onset Asthma onset 2.764 1.108 6.896 0.029
  Female 0.461 0.212 1.001 0.050
Asthma onset RC onset 2.616 1.034 6.617 0.042
  Inhalant sensitization 4.219 1.191 14.948 0.026
  1. Logistic regression applied to characterize risk factors or protective factors from asthma and RC.
  2. Atopic dermatitis (AD); lower confidence limit (LCL); odds ratio (OR); rhinoconjunctivitis (RC); upper confidence limit (UCL).