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Table 1 The Physiological Properties of Immunoglobulin E

From: Regulation and dysregulation of immunoglobulin E: a molecular and clinical perspective

General Characteristics Molecular weight: 190,000 Da (170 kDa protein; 20 kDa Carbohydrate)
Type: Monomer
Subclasses: None
Biology Does not fix complement
Does not cross the placental barrier
Half-life: 2 days
Isoforms: Secreted and membrane bound IgE
Structure: Two light chains (κ or λ) and 2 heavy chains (ε)
Function Binds to High affinity IgE receptor (FcεRI) and degranulates mast cells and basophils
Immediate Hypersensitivity
IgE-mediated antigen presentation via FcεRI