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Figure 3

From: Immune response modulation by curcumin in a latex allergy model

Figure 3

Expression of costimulatory molecules on cells from the lungs of control, latex-sensitized, and latex-sensitized mice treated with curcumin. Lung cells were pooled from mice in each group and analyzed by flow cytometry. Representative histograms comparing CD80 expression on B cells from the three groups tested are shown in panel A1. CD80 expression is shown as percent positive (% Pos) cells in Panel A2, and as median fluorescence (FL) values in Panel A3. The percentages of positive cells and median fluorescence values are shown for CD86 and OX40L on B cells in Panels B and C, respectively. Similarly, CD80, CD86, and OX40L expression on lung macrophages is shown for the three groups in Panels D, E, and F. Percentages of CD4+ T cells expressing OX40 and the median fluorescence values for OX40 are shown in Panel G.

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