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Figure 5

From: Research Upregulation of CD23 (FcεRII) Expression in Human Airway Smooth Muscle Cells (huASMC) in Response to IL-4, GM-CSF, and IL-4/GM-CSF

Figure 5

IL-4Rα and IL-2Rγc Expression in huASMC. A: IL-4Rα and IL-2Rγc expression in huASMC at baseline. Unstarved huASMC lysates were subjected to western blot analysis for IL-4Rα and IL-2Rγc using polyclonal anti-IL-4Rα (1:500 dilution, Santa Cruz), or monoclonal anti-IL-2Rγc (1:125 dilution, R&D Systems, Inc.). The nitrocellulose membranes were incubated with a 1:1,000 dilution of anti-rabbit or anti-mouse horseradish peroxidase linked whole antibody (Amersham). The immunoreactive protein bands were detected by ECL (Amersham). IL-2Rγc is minimally expressed in huASMC while IL-4Rα is expressed abundantly in huASMC.

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