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Table 6 Nonskeletal Effects of Pharmacologic Therapy.

From: Management of osteoporosis

Medication Pros Con
Estrogen Relieves Menopausal symptoms, Cholesterol, LDL, HDL Uterine Bleeding, Thromboembolic Disorders, Stroke, Coronary Artery Disease, Estrogen Sensitive Tumors, Triglyceride, Breast Tenderness, Fluid Retention
Alendronate/Risedronate Weekly Dosing Complicated Administration, GI Effects
Raloxifene Cholesterol, LDL, Reduced Breast Cancer Risk?, Cardiovascular? Hot Flashes, Thromboembolic Disorders, Leg Cramps
Nasal Calcitonin Ease of Administration, Analgesic Effect Nasal Irritation
Teriparatide Analgesic Effect? Osteosarcoma in Rats, Injectable, Refrigeration, Hypercalcemia
  1. The selection of the best pharmacologic agent for an individual patient requires a thorough understanding of patient factors and all drug effects, both skeletal and nonskeletal.