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Table 5 Indications for Pharmacologic Therapy.

From: Management of osteoporosis

National Osteoporosis Foundation [39]
Initiate therapy to reduce fracture risk in women with:
1. BMD T-scores below -2.0 by central DXA with no risk factors
2. BMD T-scores below -1.5 by central DXA with one or more risk factors
3. A prior vertebral or hip fracture
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists [47]
The following women may benefit from pharmacologic treatment of osteoporosis:
1. Women with postmenopausal osteoporosis (Women with low-trauma fractures and low BMD and women with BMD T-scores of -2.5 and below)
2. Women with borderline low BMD (e.g., T-scores of -1.5 and below) if risk factors are present
3. Women in whom nonpharmacologic preventive measures are ineffective (bone loss continues or low trauma fractures occur)
  1. These recommendations are very similar, with the main difference being the T-score cut-off for treatment in patients with no other risk factors.