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Table 2 Questions to assess by history in patients with urticaria

From: Urticaria: recommendations from the Italian Society of Allergology, Asthma and Clinical Immunology and the Italian Society of Allergological, Occupational and Environmental Dermatology

1Time of the first onset of urticaria
2Frequency of symptoms and duration of the single wheal
3Circadian variations
4Appearance on weekends, holidays or trips abroad
5Size, shape and distribution of wheals
6Associated angioedema
7Concomitant subjective symptoms (itching, burning, pain, etc.)
8Familiar history of urticaria and atopy
9Previous or concomitant diseases (allergic, infective, gastroenterological, psychiatric)
10Surgical implants or events during surgery
11Potential triggers (physical exercise, physical agents, foods, occasional drugs, etc.)
12Concomitant medication intake (NSAIDs, vaccines, hormones, laxatives, ear or eye drops, suppositories, natural remedies, etc.)
13Apparent correlation with given food(s)
14Correlation with the menstrual cycle
15Cigarette smoking
16Kind of work and hobbies
17Stressful episodes
18Quality of life related to current symptoms
19Previous treatments for urticaria and its efficacy