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Table 1 Questions and answers choices

From: A survey on the perception of allergy specialists about the reimbursed grass pollen tablets for seasonal allergic rhinitis in Italy

Questions Choices
According to your experience, what was changed by the reimbursement of the grass-pollen tablets for seasonal rhinitis? a. Accessibility to sublingual immunotherapy
b. Possibility to adequately treat patients with moderate to severe seasonal rhinitis
c. Possibility to treat all ARIA stages of rhinitis
d. The concept of AIT as a drug
According to your opinion, how important is that the content of the allergen extract mirror the patient’s natural exposure? a. Very important
b. Not important
c. I do not know
Which is the treatment schedule for grass pollen-induced rhinitis more oriented toward patient’s preference? a. Perennial
b. Pre-coseasonal
c. Indifferent
According to your experience, the registered sublingual immunotherapy has a tolerability and safety profile a. Very good
b. Good
c. Quite low
In performing sublingual immunotherapy, is the build-up phase important? a. Yes
b. No
c. I do not know
After starting registered sublingual immunotherapy, do you check the patient after some weeks/months? a. Always
b. Sometimes
c. Never