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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the rhinitis

From: Clinical management, expectations, and satisfaction of patients with moderate to severe allergic rhinoconjunctivitis treated with SQ-standardized grass-allergen tablet under routine clinical practice conditions in Spain

Characteristics of allergic rhinitis % of patients
Intermittent 43.7
Persistent 56.3
Mild 20.2
Moderate-severe 79.8
Sleep interference 24.0
Interference with daily activities 43.4
Interference with working activities or studies 42.6
Troublesome symptoms 68.2
Symptomatic medication used for rhinitis
 Topical antihistamines 17.5
 Oral antihistamines 73.0
 Topical corticosteroids 44.4
 Oral corticosteroids 4.8
 Antileukotrienes 17.5