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Table 1 APS classification criteria, modified from Miyakis et al. [5]

From: Thrombotic risk assessment in antiphospholipid syndrome: the role of new antibody specificities and thrombin generation assay

Vascular thrombosis: ≥1 Clinical episode of arterial, venous or small vessel thrombosis. Thrombosis must be objectively confirmed. For histopathological confirmation, thrombosis must be present without inflammation of the vessel wall
Pregnancy morbidity: 1. ≥1 Unexplained death of a morphologically normal fetus ≥10 weeks of gestation
2. ≥1 Premature delivery of a morphologically normal fetus <34 weeks gestation because of:
   Severe pre-eclampsia or eclampsia defined according to standard definition
   Recognised features of placental insufficiency
3. ≥3 Unexplained consecutive miscarriages <10 weeks gestation, with maternal and paternal factors (anatomic, hormonal or chromosomal abnormalities) excluded
Laboratory criteria: The presence of antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL), on two or more occasions at least 12 weeks apart and no more than 5 years prior to clinical manifestations, as demonstrated by ≥1 of the following
   Presence of lupus anticoagulant in plasma
   Medium to high-titre anticardiolipin antibodies (>40 GPL or MPL, or >99th ‰) of IgG or IgM isoforms
   Anti-β2 glycoprotein-I antibody (anti-β2GPI) of IgG or IgM present in plasma