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Table 3 Factors with statistical significance that affect QoL in Fa

From: Quality of life in patients with food allergy

# Factor Article Reference
1 Constant vigilance in the avoidance of specific foods to prevent an allergic reaction Carrard et al. [60]
2 Management of an acute reaction Carrard et al. [60]
3 Experience of anaphylaxis has a limited impact in QoL Saleh-Langenberg et al. [15, 36]
4 Allergies to fish and milk in adults and peanuts and soy in children caused greater HRQL impairment as compared to other foods Saleh-Langenberg et al. [15, 36]
5 Performing food challenge improved QoL irrespective of the outcome of the challenge (waines after 6 months in allergic patients) Soller et al. [49]
6 Perceived disease severity Saleh-Langenberg et al. [15, 36]
7 Country of origin Saleh-Langenberg et al. [15, 36]
8 Children >2 allergies Sicherer et al. [3]
9 Older children and those with mother or siblings affected by allergies Wassenberg et al. [17]
10 Oral induction of Tolerance (OIT) with peanut or cow milk: improves QoL Factor JM et al., Carraro S et al. [18, 19]