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Table 6 Major food allergens and components available for molecular diagnostics using ImmunoCAP (or ImmunoCAP ISAC)

From: Guidelines for the use and interpretation of diagnostic methods in adult food allergy

Allergens (or allergen source) Protein family
Cupin superfamily
 Vicilins Ara h 1 (peanut)
 Legumins Ara h 3 (peanut), Cor 9 (hazelnut)
Prolamin superfamily
 2S albumin Ber e 1 (brazil nut), Ara h 2 (peanut), Gly m 6
 Lipid transfer protein (LTP) Pru p 3 (peach), Cor 8 (hazelnut), Art v 3 (Composite) Jug r 3 (walnut)
 Cereal prolamines Tri 19 (wheat) Tri a 14
Pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins
 PR10: intracellular proteins Pru p 1 (peach), Api g 1 (celery), Gly m 4 (soy)
 PR3: chitinase Class 1 Hev b 11, Hev b 2.6 (latex, banana, avocado)
 Profilins Pru p 4 (peach) (Bet v 2, Phl p 12, Hev b 8)
 Cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants MUXF3 (celery, tomato)
 Tropomyosins Pen a 1 (shrimp)
Calcium binding proteins
 Parvalbumin Gad c 1 (codfish)
 Milk proteins Bos d 4 (α-albumin), Bos d 5 (β-lactoglobulin), Bos d 8 (casein), Bos d lactoferrin (lactoferrin)
 Egg protein Gal d 1 (ovomucoide)
Gal d 2 (ovalbumin)
Gal d 3 (conalbumin)
Gal d 4 (lysozyme)