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Table 2 Innate and Adaptive Immunity

From: Chronic granulomatous disease: a review of the infectious and inflammatory complications

Feature Innate Adaptive
Action Time Early (hours) Late (days)
Cells Macrophage, DC, PMN, NK cells B and T cells
Receptors TLR: Fixed in genome Gene rearrangement BCRA, TCR
Recognition Conserved molecules/PAMP Wide Variety
Evolution Conserved Only vertebrates
  1. TLR = toll-like receptors; BCRA = B cell receptor for antigen; DC = dendritic cells
  2. PMN = polymorphonuclear leukocytes; B = B lymphocyte; T = T lymphocyte; TCR = T cell receptor for antigen; PAMP = pathogen-associated molecular patterns; NK cells = natural killer cells