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Table 1 Identification of offspring based on FcRn genotype and history of exposure to the effects of maternal allergy.

From: IgG transmitted from allergic mothers decreases allergic sensitization in breastfed offspring

Offspring mice (FcRn genotype/Nursing mother) Prenatal Exposure (Pregnancy) Postnatal Exposure (Nursing)
FcRn+/- /B6naive# B6naive B6naive
FcRn-/- /B6AAD B6naive *B6AAD
FcRn+/- /B6AAD B6naive *B6AAD
FcRn+/+ /B6AAD## B6AAD B6AAD
  1. * Offspring born to naïve females were adoptively nursed by B6AAD mothers.
  2. # Positive control for disease, ## positive control for protection.