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Table 2 Summary of clinical scenarios and respective genotyping results

From: Molecular defects in the mannose binding lectin pathway in dermatological disease: Case report and literature review

Patient Clinical condition MBL2 MASP-2
#1 Rhinoconjunctivitis and recurrent upper extremity skin infections HYPD/HYPD A/A
#2 History of MRSA pacemaker infection and recurrent folliculitis LYPB/HYPD A/A
#3 Recurrent S. aureus folliculitis LYPB/HYPD A/A
#4 Fungal folliculitis LXPA/LYPB A/G
#5 Forme fruste of Beh├žet's disease LXPA/LYPB A/A
#6 Recurrent lower extremity cellulitis and ulcerations LYPB/LYPB A/A