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Table 1 Patient demographics, allergic status and treatments.

From: Skin prick testing does not reflect the presence of IgE against food allergens in adult eosinophilic esophagitis patients: a case study

Patient Age Gender Allergic Rhinitis Asthma Eos per HPF Elimination Diet Swallowed steroids
A 48 M Yes No 50 Yes No
B 43 M Yes Yes >25 No No
C 71 M Yes Yes >25 Yes No
D 34 M Yes No >25 No No
E 33 F Yes Yes >25 Yes No
F 39 F Yes No >150 No Yes
G 47 F Yes Yes >25 No Yes
H 42 F Yes Yes >25 No No
I 36 M Yes No >25 No Yes
J 51 F Yes Yes >25 Yes Yes
K 56 F Yes No >25 Yes No
L 30 M Yes Yes >25 Yes Yes
M 32 M Yes No >25 No Yes
N 38 M Yes No >25 No No
O 39 F Yes No >25 No No