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Table 2 Types of non-allergic rhinitis and proposed mechanisms

From: Non-allergic rhinitis: a case report and review

Non-Allergic Rhinitis:  
Vasomotor Rhinitis CNS stimulation leading to inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system response and enhancement of the parasympathetic response[33].
   Gustatory Rhinitis Muscarinc receptor stimulation[45].
   Infectious Rhinitis Typically viral or bacterial induced inflammation[20].
   Non-allergic rhinitis with eosinophilia syndrome (NARES) Eosinophilia leading to direct nasal mucosal damage and decreased mucocilliary clearance[4853].
Occupational Rhinitis:[5458]  
   Annoyance Subjective without evidence of inflammation.
   Irritant Substance P induced neutrophilic inflammation.
   Corrosive Agent directly damages nasal mucosa.
   Allergic IgE mediated.
Other Rhinitis Syndromes:[6063]  
   Hormonally induced Rhinitis Increased circulating blood volume and possible hormonal influences (e.g. estrogen, progesterone) leading to vascular pooling and smooth muscle relaxation causing nasal congestion.
   Rhinitis Medicamentosa Direct mucosal damage by alpha-adrenergic agent causing loss of ciliated cells and interstitial edema[64, 65].
Atrophic Rhinitis:[6668]  
   Primary Atrophic Rhinitis Infectious i.e. Klebsiella ozaenae
   Secondary Atrophic Rhinitis Identifiable causes: Chronic sinusitis, turbinate surgery and irradiation
  1. Listed above are some of the proposed mechanisms for the different types of non-allergic rhinitis.