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Table 1 Scheme for experimental design in murine allergy model

From: An extract of the medicinal mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill can protect against allergy

Exp # # Mice, strain Treatment before and/or after OVA immunization   Harvest
1 16 NIH/OlaHsd AndoSan™ or PBS p.o.* (200 μl)
   serum, spleen
2 16 NIH/OlaHsd    AndoSan™/PBS p.o.
serum, spleen
3 8 C57Bl/6 AndoSan™/PBS p.o. and/or
  AndoSan™/PBS p.o.
serum, spleen
4 8 Balb/c AndoSan™/PBS s.c. in foot pad (20 μl)**
   serum, PLN
Day -1 0 19, 20 26
OVA (10 μg) + Al(OH)3 s.c. in tailbase or foot pad +
OVA s.c

  1. *200 μl of AndoSan™ or PBS was given p.o. via a gastric catheter. ** OVA and Al(OH)3 (2 mg) was dissolved in AndoSan™ or PBS before s.c. injection in foot pad.