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Figure 1

From: Immune response modulation by curcumin in a latex allergy model

Figure 1

Total serum IgE, peripheral blood eosinophils, latex specific antibodies, and cytokine responses. A. Total serum IgE in nanogram per ml in controls (Group1); latex sensitized mice (Group 2); and latex sensitized mice treated with curcumin (Group 3). B. Peripheral blood eosinophils in the three groups. C. Serum IgG1,2a,2b, and IgG3 latex specific antibodies. The antibody levels were calculated from the O.D. values of at least five two-fold dilutions and log titers calculated using a computerized program. D. IFN-γ production (ng/ml) by antigen-stimulated spleens cells as measured by ELISA. E. IL-4 production (Pg/ml) by antigen-stimulated spleen as measured by ELISA.

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