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Figure 1

From: CCR3, CCR5, CCR8 and CXCR3 expression in memory T helper cells from allergic rhinitis patients, asymptomatically sensitized and healthy individuals

Figure 1

Percentage chemokine receptor positive memory T helper cells day 0. Percentage CCR3+, CCR5+, CCR8+ and CXCR3+ memory Th cells from allergic (dots), asymptomatically sensitized (triangles) and healthy control (crosses) individuals on day 0 immediate ex vivo. - = median value. n = 10 for the healthy controls, n = 10 for the asymptomatically sensitized and n = 8 for the allergic individuals except for CCR8 where n = 6 for the asymptomatically sensitized and allergic individuals. 10.000 PBMCs were acquired for the analysis. Isotype control cut-off values were set to >98%. Samples were run in monocates. For experimental design and analysis see Methods.

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