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Table 4 Causes of Low Bone Mineral Density.

From: Management of osteoporosis

Inherited Nutritional Endocrine Drugs Other
Osteogenesis imperfecta Malabsorption Hypogonadism Glucocorticoids Multiple myeloma
Homocystinuria Chronic liver disease Hyperthyroidism Anticonvulsants Rheumatoid arthritis
Marfan's syndrome Alcoholism Hyperparathyroidism Long-term heparin Systemic mastocytosis
Hypophosphatasia Calcium deficient diet Cushing's syndrome Excess thyroid Immobilization
  Vitamin D deficiency Eating disorder GnRH agonists  
  1. Low BMD may be the result of many medical disorders. There should be a high index of suspicion in all patients with low BMD for these types of contributing factors.