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Table 2 Cytokines regulating eosinophilia

From: Eosinophilia in a patient with cyclical vomiting: a case report

Cytokine Family Effect on Eosinophils Other Relevant Functions
TNF-α [59,60] Monokine CAM expression, recruitment Vascular permeability increase, eosinophil degranulation
IL-1β [59,60] Monokine CAM expression, eosinophil recruitment Eosinophil activation, eosinophil degranulation
IL-3 [59] HP survival, differentiation Multipotential HP
IL-4 [59,60] Th2 VCAM expression on EC IgE synthesis
IL-5 [59] Th2 Hematopoiesis, activation, survival, mediator IgA synthesis
IL-13 [59,60] Th2 VCAM expression on EC IgE synthesis, Mucus production
GM-CSF [59,60] Th1/2 Activation MO activation, hematopoiesis
SCF [59] HP Adhesion Mast cell growth
Eotaxins [59] Chemokine Chemoattractant Multipotential HP
MCPs [59,60] Chemokine Chemoattractant MO chemotaxis
RANTES [59,60] Chemokine Chemoattractant Histamine release from basophils
  1. CAM, Cell Adhesion Molecule; EC, endothelial cells; CSF, Colony Stimulating Factor; Th2, type 2 T helper cell; HP, hematopoietin; APR, acute phase response, MO, Monocyte-macrophage lineage cells; VCAM-vascular cell adhesion molecule; MCP-monocyte chemoattractant protein-1