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Table 1 Specific IgE (sIgE) antibodies, circulating immune complexes (CIC) and mean complement C3 and C4 levels in selected groups of patients with rhinitis.

From: Circulating immune complexes and complement C3 and C4 levels in a selected group of patients with rhinitis in Lebanon

Group/number of patients Number of CIC-positive patients Mean C3 level (mg/L)1 Mean C4 level (mg/L)1
sIgE-positive (74) 20 1457 +/- 309 290 +/- 121
sIgE-negative (39) 13 1470 +/- 334 319 +/- 139
  1. 1the mean C3 and C4 levels of the CIC-positive patients. C3 and C4 levels fell within the normal range for all CIC-positive patients (C3 normal range: 910–1500 mg/L; C4 normal range: 140–435 mg/L). C3 and C4 levels were not determined in CIC-negative patients. Four of 61 apparently normal individuals were CIC-positive